Condo Auction -- SMP.3!

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  1. It has recently come to my attention that there are no more open residences on the smp.3 server. Some open up ever 10 days or so, but for players that want a quality living space, I have created a
    small condo, from some of the finest matterials that I could get grabs on! I plan on auctioning off this condo on Wednesday, January 8th. Hopefully interest will spark in the time preceding that date.
    There is no reserve, but hopefully enough players fight for such an amazing condo that the price is fair. This is a permanent home, and is not for rent, but to live in. Due to the cost of building matterials, no flags will be given (Access signs will be asigned to all objects in need). I will do personal renovation if that is an issue. Pull out your Rupee cards! Here are a few screenshots of the house- It has 3 stories,(1) a floor lever,(2) second story,(3) and a roof lounge, as follows ---
    (1) House2.JPG
    (2) House3.JPG

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  3. Outside view -- House1.JPG