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  1. Have you ever suffered a concussion? Share your story here! Here's mine:

    During sectional week for soccer (tournament in US to win in your region) I played wednesday, we had played our rival and I went up for a header against three defenders, I scored off the header bt got hit and got dizzy, I was taken off rest of game and told I was able to play in championship game on saturday. I went in saturday, and here is the result:
  2. I myself have suffered 6 concussions. I don't have and videos, but I play Soccer and Tackle Football so it takes a toll. lol
  3. was hit right underneath the chin running full force lol
  4. The question is "did you win in your region"
  5. Yes! We won because I was hit in the box!
  6. Well uh, I suppose you could say you "took one for the team"! [/imterrible]

    That looked pretty bad though :O
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  7. Ouch. And I thought football wasn't that dangerous. I imagine something like that from american football :p
  8. as you guys can clearly see i blew right past the defenders :p
  9. Sugar honey iced tea bunker D:
  10. Huh? xD
  11. Dat video name :p
    Ow :O
  12. I was in figuring skating for many years and my last year i was doing a dance with a partner and our skates intertwined and i fell back really hard on my head and i dont remember much from that day xP lol was crazy
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  13. Love 'em. LOL no. That has got to hurt...
    No concussions, but two broken skulls!
    <----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------<----------(MABEH that explains teh potato llama...)
  14. I've suffered a major concussion when I was in 2nd grade. It was just a normal average day at the playground(oh and btw, the reason I know all of this is because my mother told me what EXACTLY happened when i was in 5th grade) and I was swinging on the swings(we had a new playground and it had just opened that day), and some kids would run in between my friend and I's swing when we were high up in the air. So, this girl by the name of Elizabeth(I'll never forget that name in my entire life) ran a little to late, and I hit her and it swung my body off the swing when i was about 10-15 feet in the air. I landed head first into a small and short wall. I stood up, I fell back down, and this repeated for about 2 or 3 times before some kids and teachers helped me up. The kids and teachers were crying because i was constantly vomiting, bleeding, and stumbling. The principal called 911 and the ambulance arrived, they inspected me and rushed me to the hospital, and once they thoroughly x-rayed me, it turns out I had a major concussion, 2 broken ribs, 2 broken fingers, and a broken wrist. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks, vomiting every day, and crying almost hourly. I'd fall asleep, and then wake up during the middle of the night. I finally got to go home with two casts, one on my wrist, which covered my entire arm, and another for my fringers that covered about half my arm. I was still vomiting for about another week. I had to be kept out of school for 4 months to recover. Once I got back to school, some teachers would still cry when they saw me, or looked at me. I was too sick to eat, and I never stepped foot on that playground again. That's my story.
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  15. I was skiing, hit a tree and woke up in the hospital :D gg sam...
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  16. woah. :eek:
  17. No concussions but a broken chin, and plenty of sprains (some more serious than others).
  18. Mine isn't exactly an concussion, but it happened about 1-2 days after Christmas, so hail all the sandwiches and let's start.

    A not so long ago, like 2 years or something...

    I was playing my DS, my dad was playing with my brother, I had a train table in my room, I tripped over my dad's leg, and I cracked my head open.

    I was in the hosptial, and I got 15 stitches in my head.

    I still have my scar.
  19. I was going down on huge hill on my brothers skateboard (Was still making a new one after my one broke). Going round the corner down the bottom, I felt the board literally spin out from underneath me (brother had left his sliding wheels on). Going at about 30km per hour, I was sent flying 100 metres down the road (it is an old road and was still rough, not the new smooth stuff). I remember my life flashing before me as I went flying down the road towards the gutter. If I hadn't put my arms around my head in defence, I would have broken my skull and most likely died. My hands and wrist were broken, and I got up to find a good chunk of skin and flesh missing from my left hip.

    Hand and wrist were set in plaster and it took 8 months for that missing section of me to recover.

    I still have the scar from that day and am not touching that hill ever again... ever...