Concussion Help?

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  1. Well this sure is an interesting topic, isn't it?

    Story: So i was biking my way home from school on the sidewalk, and theirs a few small bumps, so why not go pretty fast, right? WRONG
    I hit one and it turned my handle bars all the way around, and then it tipped. I was sent off my bicycle a bit and landed on the concrete. I was smart enough to twist my head, so the side of my head is scraped and bloody, plus my right hand and an area around my collarbone. I was going roughly 8-11 miles an hour so, yeah.

    So the question i would like answered, is how fast you have to be going and hit your head for a concussion. i already saw a thread about someone recently having a life threatening concussion, which is not mine, but for any. Thank you.
  2. Concussions can be caused from car crashes, to as little as just bumping your noggin while falling over your own feet walking.

    There is no true way of telling if you have a concussion or not, but there are symptoms - here are a few:

    • Loss of consciousness, even if only briefly
    • Any period of amnesia, or loss of memory for the event
    • Feeling dazed or confused
    • Headache
    • Vomiting
    • Seizure
    If you have had any of those, might be best to go see a doctor and have a diagnosis.
  3. any head trauma (even slight) can cause someone to be concussed, this is why mothers freak out when babies fall on their heads. if you think it was bad you should probly get checked out. there are free clinics that will cover the cost of an mri
  4. If you're feeling dizzy, confused, having headaches, or short term memory loss, you might have a concussion. At that point, you should check yourself into a hospital, or at least get yourself checked out by a doctor. Especially is you have trouble staring at an electronic screen, (that is, your eyes hurt easily) that would be a large problem in this case.

    I've done that before, tried to go too fast on a ramp. Though I didn't hit my head, I did land (and slide) on my knees, removing skin a flesh rater deeply. Ultimately I lost feeling on the surface on one of my knees, the nerves of the skin of the top of my right knee would no longer respond to touch, I could even poke myself with a safety pin without feeling any pain.
  5. If what you did was just skim your head, and not bang it I think you should be fine. Or like people have said, if you experience any dizziness, confusion, headaches, or short term memory loss especially while looking at a light, then you should probably go to a clinic for a free MRI :)