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  1. Here's the bread and butter:
    I have a Computer with a
    120gb SSD
    And 1TB HDD
    Within two days, i've used up all the SSD ( theres about 10GB left ) from games.
    What i want to do, is set my HDD as default Disk. ( preferbly without opening my PC )
    ( All my stuff is currently on the SSD inculding the OS )
    Please help me :S
  2. What do you mean by "default"?

    Do you want all of your programs, games, files, etc on that HDD?

    I'm assuming you want to boot from your SSD, because it's faster.

    Just move / install everything onto your HDD. You don't need to open up your case.

    I have the same setup, here's what I did:

    I have it set up so I boot from my SDD. I have a few games installed on my SDD (like an MMO, and the games I use most), and the rest of my games and files are installed on my HD.
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  3. ( default i mean download stuff to it )
    That's literaly what i want
  4. Whenever you install something on your computer, make sure it's installing to your HDD. For example, if your SSD is the C drive and your HDD is the X drive, install to "X:\yourpathhere\..."

    You can set the default download folder for your browser to whatever you want, so you can set it to a folder on your HDD.

    If you need to move games from your SSD to your HDD, you might be able to drag and drop, or you might have to reinstall, depending on the game and how it's set up. Just be extra careful with your save files!
  5. Thats what i was dreading :S re-installing them :S
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  6. What games do you have?
  7. Steam stuff:
    Arma 2 ( and operation arrowhead )
    And more
  8. This steam guide should help.
    And here is one for origin.

    I only skimmed them so I'm not sure if they're perfect for your situation, but they're worth a shot :p

    MC is a little different, it might be easier to leave the MC folders on your SSD (the ones in /appdata), but you can move the .exe (or .jar if you're using that instead) to your HDD.
  9. Yep thanks :) Youve been super helpfull :D