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  1. Well my family got a new motum today and now well I can't get on EMC or any other server on multiplayer. Help?
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  2. DId you restarted the computer after the have installed the new modem ?
    So your computer get the correct information from the new modem and not using the old information.
  3. no I'll try it now
  4. Yeah if you get a new modem, first call your ISP (Internet service provider i.e Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, etc.) to make sure it's activated and then restart any computer on the network. Post back if that doesn't work.
  5. Doesn't work..... it doesn't even have any signal for any of the servers
  6. This may sound dumb, but make sure your computer is trying to connect to the new modem and not the old one.
  7. Call your ISP and get it activated. Is this just Minecraft that you're having trouble with or are you not getting any internet at all?
  8. Uhm, try to disable firewall?
  9. The guy came and did it himself I have internet but minecraft doesn't have any and I restarted it like 10 times
  10. Are you using wifi? Does the modemwork correctly with the router? If you are wired in, try using a different port on the modem for the cabld.
  11. Try doing minecraft on another computer and see if it is only your computer or not
  12. I have a laptop I should of put that up there srry but I have wifi
  13. It shouldn't matter if it is a laptop or not. Are you using WiFi or a Ethernet cable.
  14. wifi
  15. So this seems to be a Mimecraft issue and not a general networking issue. If you direct connect to, what's the error that you get?
  16. Backup your world saves/ screenshots, and them completely delete minecraft #Uninstall, update and use 1.8.4

    If this doesnt work I dont know :p
  17. Does Minecraft work on other devices on the network?
  18. Nope Connection timed out: no further information
  19. Isn't connection timed out when it takes too long to connect it just gives up?
  20. Yep this worked thanks everyone for your input :)