Computer Part Picking Thread

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  1. If you would like to have a computer's parts picked for you, fill out the forum below. Anyone is welcome to show their best design, and expand upon other's builds.

    Builds will be made with
  2. I don't really know why we need a dedicated thread will get real messy if more than 1-2 people ask around the same time - but rather this could be a guideline to follow when creating your own thread.
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  3. Eh, it's more of a service I'm offering. Anyways, why would you need to create your own thread when you could just comment here. It would also work as a guideline thread, where builds could be sorted and built upon others, without the creator having to search through the threads for previous builds
  4. Price Range: Around €1000, that's about $1360 or £740.
    Computer type: Gaming
    Operating system: Windows 8
    Addition peripherals: Please try to make the computer worth the money I would be spending on it!
  6. Alternatively, here's an Intel and Nvidia build
  7. Intel I5-4670 CPU and Radeon 280x GPU
  8. I have no idea why but I can't access pcpartpicker :confused: I live in Ireland if that would explain anything.
  9. I got like.. $300.. What can I buy with that? xD

    A workable system that would play Minecraft without too many issues. You'd have to find an OS somewhere though XD
  11. it's kinda hard to make one for that price, but I chose an AMD cpu with integrated graphics.