Computer Mouse Prices?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrsmiley99, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. So i fixed my old laptop, so now i can use it again. But i require help and feel like communicating with EMC community.
    Does anyone know a average price for
    A. A gaming mouse?
    B. Cool looking Mouse?
    C. Standard mouse?

    If links are available thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot ISMOOCH! Deeply appreciated.
  3. haha.. ikr? i was just browing through new egg.. and i was like.. that.. is the crazies mouse i hav ever seen.
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  4. If you've got a big budget, I recommend the Apple magic mouse. Swipe instead of buttons. Also it's wireless.
  5. Wireless+gaming=bad outcome eventually. Imagine being in the dragon tomb and bam! Charge/batteries are dead =P
    I use this one. While at first it seemed kind of cheap, it works very well, and is quite comfortable. I have never had issues with it.
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  6. True about batteries, but as long as you keep an eye on the screen notifications and the actual mouse battery indicators, all's good
  7. God... No... One of the most important factors of a mouse is tactile feedback and sensitivity - That does neither- Good luck scrolling too.
  8. Ill probably just go with the gaming mouse! Thanks for all the feedback guys!
  9. I suggest a Logitech - daily cheap and very comfy :)