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  1. Hello EMC
    I have had an issue for a long time now.
    I have a Laptop, which i just use (at home) for a PC. I got another keyboard mouse headset etc.
    I have that problem that my Headset on my head got a Microphone and so does my PC. The one closer to my head (Headset Microphone) is the best one basiclly.

    When i want to use the one at the Headset i plug it in and well, nothing happens. Only my Computer Microphone is working :(!
    Anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?
    Here or Skype,
    My Skype is Jens.Beck3
    (Only add me if you wanna help)

    I will be paying you 5k if you help me out with this issue :D
  2. did the headset some how come with a CD to install on the computer? or maybe you have to go into the settings on the computer and select headset instead of computers microphone? mine just kinda switches to it though.
    is the microphone jack plugged into the right one? sometimes i get mine mixed up and they need switched because there is a jack for the headphone, and the microphone.
  3. It's kinda hard
    I have 4 jacks 4 ports.
    They are colored Green, Black, Orange and Pink. And my ports on the laptop doesn't have colours or icons :/
  4. Headset model?
  5. well, google what those colors mean.
  6. Roccat Kave 5.1
  7. That is the right one. I had to change the link.
  8. I just need to Microphone to work :/
  9. but that link doesn't show a head set? it shows something else...
    faith, have you tried plugging it into each outlet on your laptop? or looking if settings need changed like i said before?
  10. That's an external surround sound hookup.
  11. but does he have that? lol
  12. Everything is tried.
    What i got from all this is that the microphone at my laptop is shut down aswell now >_<
  13. you could even try going to the brands website and getting chat help
  14. Did you keep it in a droor one time? It may have had some fibers torn in the wire. This is not uncommon.
    I just had to uninstall my Realtek HD Audio (Some stupid program)
    I rebooted the PC and NOW. BAAAAM Its working, i can TALK YES I CAN TALK :D!
    Time to talk to some peeps on Mumble :D
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  16. Turning things off and on ALWAYS works!
  17. Oh yeah, and uninstalling some hidden driver files, and sitting for 3 hours freaking out :D