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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by NUBlackshirts27, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Over the past couple of days my internet has been acting funny...It has been slower then ever and sometimes doesn't load at all...its the same with my PS3, not loading fast or not loading or all...and the best part it lags horribly...I live in NEB so the past week it has been recorded the windiest it ever has been...would that do anything with it? Please help
  2. I have had this problem to and all you need to do is restart you're computer and it should be back to normal. I also had this problem.
  3. Done it many times...
  4. Hmmm... well maybe try contact support if you can.
  5. O boy sounds fun
  6. Happens to me once in a while.. since my internet is "free wifi" sometimes each few months the internet goes like that for 1 two weeks (The type when you don't see me posting)

    Try resetting your router or ask google :p
  7. The thing is one moment its good and next its bad...its happing to my ps3 as well