Computer help please!?

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  1. Recently my computer always freezes on startup. My computer is a medion and its about 5 years old (dont know specs sorry because its my brothers old pc). As soon as i turn it on it freezes on the intel screen. I can eventually get it to work by restarting it about 10 times and leaving it for about 10 minitues but this is very frustrating! And then when i get it to work it sometimes just shuts itself down. I have done various checks on the computer such as virus scans using mcaffe and malware scans. I have also done a disk cleanup but that didnt change much. Please dont say "just by a new pc" as i would if i could but i dont have the money. Sorry if my spelling is bad as i am writing this from a phone. Help please?
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  2. All you can do if you dont have the money to buy a new one is to take it to your local geek store or hardware store and ask them
  3. I think it's time for a new computer. Christmas is close, so maybe ask your friends/Santa/whoever for one?
  4. I carnt really get one for christmas as im not really allowed any tech this year as i already have quite a lot of tech and if i was to get i new pc i would have to get a deent one which would cost a lot
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  5. try calling the manufacturer of the laptop. you can tell them and they will tell you what to do