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  1. So today I bought Borderlands 2 on Steam. I began downloading it and at about 600mbs in my computer froze. No big deal, really. I restarted my PC and tried again. And once again, it froze. So I restarted again, and this time ran steam after deleting clientregistry.blob. This caused my download to cancel, so I was able to start steam. Steam works just fine, except that any time I try to download something the whole computer freezes and forces a hard restart. A few times it told me that there was a disk error, but after resetting again, there wasn't one. I read that it might be an NIC problem, but I've also read about other people who found it was a lack of thermal paste. Keep in mind, this ONLY happens when steam tries to download something. I can download from my browser and such perfectly fine! Does anyone have any idea why Steam downloads are causing my computer to freeze?

    This has NEVER happened with the other 20+ games I've downloaded. It's only happened with Borderlands 2. May try downloading another game to see if it also happens there. Will wait for responses first, though.
  2. It sounds like a steam issue (WHAT Steams not working This Never Happens!!!)

    I would just wait a few days and try again
  3. I know for a fact it's a steam issue. But it just started today. And I don't believe steam updated.
    I've read around a little bit and what may be happening is it's trying to send the data from the download to a bad sector on the harddrive. I'll eventually be running checkdisk, but I'm waiting for proper responses here before doing so.
  4. I have downloaded something today so it must be something wrong with your steam client or your computer itself, how much space have you got left on your hard drive?

    You can try de-fragmenting your disc :)
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  5. Defragged, cleaned registry, and ran chkdsk. Doesnt crash now. The download still stops itself for some reason, though no crashes, thankfully.
  6. Do you have enough memory?
  7. Got it fixed, everybody! Turned out there was a few problems with the computer. Turns out it had no CMOS battery, and the sound card/GPU were both loose. Luckily my MB didnt get fried because of it. Thanks for the help!