Computer help 2 =P

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  1. Well I've recently got my computer to charge but I got a few problems

    Cant get past blue screen
    1/3 chance I get static instead of the blue screen
    I push f8 for setup but it doesn't work
    If it takes longer for blue screen my laptop picks up radio waves from the closest station

    Plz help so i can play EMC again! ( background cheering)
  2. A couple questions:
    1. What is your operating system
    2. anyway you can get a video and/or pictures of what is happening. You can save them to dropbox or something and post a link here.
    3. radio waves from radio station?
  3. 1 windows 7
    2 ill try to but I'm posting on a iPhone
    3 for example: it acts as if its a radio by picking up radio signals and plays that station
  4. I think something is extremely wrong if it is playing music instead of booting up. You can video it on your iPhone and upload it. If the radio thing is true, you may need to re install windows or send your computer in to be worked on.
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  5. The picking up of radio stations is extremely strange, there is a possibility that you have a virus of some sort. I suggest taking it to an office depot (if your in the us) they will give you a free evaluation, and offer you several solutions/or tips on how to fix it. They were extremely helpful when my computer started acting up, but it was picking up radio stations... :p
  6. Thx guys this helps a ton ill see if I could do this