Computer good, or not?

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  1. So, for christmas i'm getting a new laptop. The one I have now i've had since 2009, (and came with Vista, so I upgraded to 7 about a year ago :p) and it can't really do what I want it to, its keyboard is falling to pieces and the touchpad died this time last year, so I got a mouse for christmas. She (I call her a she because i'm forever alone :D) is also prone to overheating.
    So, the specs to the new laptop I want (it's not really top of the line, but I think it's going to meet my needs)

    OPERATING SYSTEM Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

    PROCESSOR 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3317U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.6 GHz)
    VIDEO CARD Intel® HD Graphics 4000
    MEMORY 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory
    HARD DRIVE 500GB 5400 HDD with 32GB mSATA
  2. Whats the price?
  3. It's Good.

    My abomination which isn't worthy to be called a computer runs 5fps.
  4. My current one was £429
    In my currency, it's £686.59
    But in dollars, it's $1,099.99.
  5. Are you looking for portability, or specs?
  6. Specs.
  7. It would be bad for minecraft as it uses the 4000 series GPU (Which is pretty weak)

    What's the highest budget, I'll have a look around for you.
  8. Highest budget: £700 or less.

    Powerful laptop - Dedicated GPU - Sadly it has windows 8, however you can normally get it downgraded.

    Go with the £629 one unless you have a desire for another 250GB storage space, then go with the £699
  10. thats pretty good but maybe a bit overpriced, if you buy all the parts and build a PC it yourself you can cut around £100 of the overall price. mine cost £770-£800 and it is amazing when alian ware computers at that level would cost around £1000+ and pc's can be better in a load of ways, there only downside is mobility.i advise you to do a lot of researching on pc's and laptops before you make your finale decision because you can get a superb computer for a pittance if you look in the right places :)
    hope this helps.

    and if your not to bothered about the researching for computers, the laptop that your getting is pretty darn good aswell.

    *add on* you can get pc's built for £600-£700 that will be really good aswell, there are also a lot of laptops out there that have the same stats but a lower price, again its all about the research.
  11. Desktops*