Completely Free sheep shearing farm

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  1. Well recently i have seen a thew people charging people 300-600r to use there sheep farm for a week which had about 30 sheep. So i had a little think and thought i'd make one but with 100's of sheep and it will be free for the public to come and use and its now open but expanding all the time:D.

    Server: SMP2
    Res: 3610
  2. Are they colorful sheep? If they are I'll gladly come by and shear some. :)
  3. They are all different colours yes, Looking to add ore colours soon:).
  4. Umm, have you heard of TruthInOre and LatinoSeb-2's residence? They have every color for free. And you can resell them.
  5. Where in the thread did i mention about them? Also why am i being hated on for offering something for free? *facepalm*
  6. I do not hate you. Why would I? I was just stating for people on SMP-1 that they don't have to use the vault, sorry if I offended you.
  7. That's SMP1. I think it's great that D4nny is taking this to SMP2, as it's a cool concept. Those are great places to see for inspiration too!