Completed Dojo!

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Is my Dojo super smexy?

Yes. 6 vote(s) 54.5%
YES. 9 vote(s) 81.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey guys, Here is a picture of my completed dojo, and my exact balance of 200k rupees.:D
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  2. very nice :) which smp and res numbe? i'd like to come see :)
  3. Smp8, 17803 :)
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  4. ooh. You sir have some rupees...
    You mind donating?
    Did you build the Dojo yourself? Or with someone's help?
  5. Myself. But I feel like the design is a mismatch of people's ideas. Like BigPeyPey said to do the wool like that, and the Flares were different but Wilyum & Rdmaster changed them, the roof being wood trimmed was corrupptedsmiles idea. But ya. But besides help here and there I did all the work. :D
    Dsmario64 did a little thing in the yard that I kinda took overboard and made what is there now.. :p
    Edit: I donate A LOT. You just need to win a competition :p
  6. What type of a competetion...
  7. My most recent donation was to smp1's giveaway. Donated 9 enchanted picks :)
    When my games lot is done I will be doing giveaways every week though.
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  8. oh yays.... ( rig it so i win ) :p
  9. times pig has one :1
    times pig has lost :84
  10. But your in the 1r club
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  11. You are definitely in the 1 r club.

    EDIT: Lol, I didn't see TheSpyPie's post. :eek:
  12. 1r club?
  13. And yet it shall never be properly used D:
  14. Well ya. I have 1r. :p
    1r x 200,000 ;)
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  15. I don't think that is the right res number. I did find it by using your name though. It's nice. No access to the second floor though?
  16. lol
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  17. There is, there is a ladder.
    The inside of the second floor isn't done though :( It would take about 10 minutes I should really do it. haha
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  18. It is 17083. *facepalm*
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  19. Spy I love it when you like my posts :D
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