Competitive Pokemon Players?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by xWeisty, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. So do we have any hardcore PKMN players out there :D? What's your favorite tier?
    I would love to battle with some of you on PokemonOnline, Pokemon Showdown, or in BW if you'd like ^^
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  2. First. I am verryyyyyyyyyyyyyy competitive. I almost have the perfect game set. I am only missing Zekrom on Black 2. Sadly even if i get White 2 i cant get Zekrom because my damn DS's screen broke.
  3. I really want to play Pokemon, but I don't know the basics, and I barely know 5 Pokemon.
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  4. i have every pokemon to date, never missed an event. though, i dont play anymore.
  5. If you don't mind explaining the basics, I'd like you to. :)
  6. I could be more competitive if I wanted to of course my favorite strategy is using my rain dance team or my Eeveelutions(don't mean to brag or anything only lost 1 of like 20 battles using it on PO) but yeah I like challenges I like fun I like to lose...if it's noble, and not cheap so if you'd like to fight me tell me I'm up for a challenge
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  7. I can help you too as in help teaching someone
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  8. I'd be fine doing it. :) for what type? because there are many Pokémon game types :p
  9. Errr.... Well I don't know what types of Pokemon games there are.
  10. Pokemon is where you kidnap animals and make them fight each other until they pass out right?
  11. I think so.
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  12. That's the violent way of describing it, yes.
    hmm... do you want the battling bit from the normal games, e.g. Red, Blue, Yellow, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, etc.?
  13. My favorite game is HeartGold :)
  14. Pika Pika (Challenge accepted)
  15. Probably White or Black 2 for Me :p
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  16. If they added the underground to that game it would have been perfect...
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  17. I play competive online but non of my friends love Pokemon Nearly as much as I do? Do you play Smogon rules?
  18. Used to play it a lot, back when the most preferred client was shoddy ;) Now, not so much, although I could make a quick gen 5 team.
  19. Bring it on! I love pokemon. We can battle on BW if you would like. Ill work on my big high team.
  20. Yay Ima not the only one who uses Pokemon Online :D Also nice beanie I have a similiar one.