[Competition] Who's the fastest typer on EMC

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm going to do a competition here. Who's the fastest typer on EMC? To make it fair everyone must use the same website. Submissions will only be accepted if the test was taken in English. You can have as many tries as you would like :) I will update the top 10 each day that I can. So here is the aim. Take the typing test here at http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english . Upload the screenshot of the result that you got and we will judge of the words per minute rate. I will be accepting donations for the prize fund. Competition ends at the end of April!

    Happy typing,
    Sam :)
  2. This is something for Rosy :)
    Will also try but I'm a slow typer and I'm learning English for 6 years or so, so I'm a lot slower than in German.
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  3. Ha ha it's fine :)
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  4. Not bad, but I feel I can do better. Interesting competition. :)
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  5. So we have a target for everyone now. I'm going to be doing it at the end :)
  6. I thought I was fast at typing...I only got 53.

    I can only type fast if I'm looking at my keyboard...
  7. Screenshot (19).png My score new score

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  8. Make sure if you want to enter you post the screenshot as a direct link to here so we only see that and you have to post the screenshot as proof. All entries that aren't like that won't be valid.
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  9. Mine = 63 WPM, 324 keystrokes, 61 correct words, 2 wrong words! woot lance is not perfect!
  10. For you lance and you haro. Please make sure you post just the screenshot. There is a button above your score to bring you directly to it.
  11. New high score. I'll stop for today. Love this sight, best typing test so far! Threw me off when I had to type America, tho. Didn't know whether I had to capitalize the A. :p

    EDIT: Okay, I lied. Now I have to beat Haro. XD
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  12. This won't be valid unless you just post that box . Press the screenshot button.
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  13. I kept on pressing enter instead of space >.< this was my first try:
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  14. Thank you :) This is now valid.
  15. Ha ha I did the same thing at first. But remember you have until the end of April to improve on it!
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  16. Not to be over confident but I doubt anyone can beat my 108 :p

    Was my second try, first try was 103. Could probably get more if I practiced.
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  17. Challenge accepted. :p
    Also, I now appreciate Equinox's liking stuff a whole lot more. Equinoxing a thread is hard work! :p
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  18. Hmm well I tried again but I think I'm going to rage quit from this for a bit:
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  19. :/ Well I'm pretty bad at typing. :3 oh well
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