[Competition] Halloween on EMC

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  1. This October it is your mission to scare your fellow Empire Minecrafters as much as possible. Create a spooky video for the Halloween Movie Night or earn points by scaring as many people as you can.
    Halloween Movie Night:

    Create a 2-5 minute movie with your friends to show off at the Movie night which will be discussed further on in the post. It can be spooky, scary or funny, as long as it includes the catchphrase
    'Totally scared'
    in it. As long as there are no swears in the movie,
    every entry is valid. The prizes will be based off donations for this community Halloween Movie Night. The highest donator will also be awarded with a large amount of rupees and 30 automatic scare points. The videos should be sent to myself and they will all be posted on YouTube on October 31st, 5:00pm AWST (?) Everybody who takes part in a movie is awarded 10 points in the scare games. Donators are also awarded 10 points per every 1,000r donated in the scare games.

    Totally Scary - Halloween Scare Game:

    Ever wanted to scare your friends? Like, a really great scare that you'd never let them live down? Well now is your chance. Create a video of you scaring your friend on any of the EMC servers and win 5 points every time. Even the victim (who must admit to being scared in the video) will win 1 point for taking part in the Halloween on EMC activities. You can scare your friends by sneaking up on them while they're on their res, if you have permission to build on their res you could hide them in a box, or even leave spooky signs around. Remember to ask for permission to build first ;-)

    Littlechick111 (30 points)

    Littlechick111 - 3,000r <--- 30 points

    Mini update - Every video entered will be put up on YouTube as quick as possible, voting will be completed by the end date (31st October).
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  4. Thanks :)
  5. Will have to enter this, me and my friends are very scary... I will just have to write up a creepy pasta or find one, so... You won't see my entry for a while. :]
  6. Haha okay, sure. Thanks :)
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  7. This is interesting.
    I may participate.