competition!! exciting survival games :D

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which should be the supplying choice?

should be given supplies 2 vote(s) 50.0%
should be given 10 minutes to scavenge supplies from wild 2 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. hello guys i have been thinking about a game and i think it is quite a good idea. the competition is a survival one. 2 people at a time will be placed in a room prepared and packed with mobs and a mob grinder.. who ever survives the longest will win and go through to the next will either be given 4 stone swords, a bow, 48 arrows and some food or you could either be given 10 minutes to scavenge supplies from the wild. you can vote on the option u want...





    as any competition the prizes will go higher with the more donators i have, want to enter and win more well donate !!

    the entry price is only 25r's
    this will be an exciting event that will be very rewarding, thanks guys -RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66
  2. Nice Idea So when/where do i pay this 25r????
  3. um when the event is official and thx i thought of it when i was caught out in a room with spawning zombies and skeles :p i need and xp grinder though...
  4. i want more people to comment and donate to it though 5k is not enough :(
  5. You should probably contact @Amadai with this contest/game. :)
  6. why amadai? u think its a good idea?
  7. It's a decent idea, with some correct punctuation + use of the "Edit" button, it could be quite fun.

    I highly doubt it, but this could come under PvP?
  8. no because they are not fighting each other, they are fighting to survive over each other
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  9. This sounds good. Like Alex said, if you would like it to get more attention or be stickied, I would contact Justin or Amadai, or both.
  10. ok i contacted icecreamcow and justin so...
  11. well at least some people think its a good idea :D