[COMPETITION]EMC Short Films 2012

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  1. Hello fellow EmpireMinecraftians!

    I have a competition for you, and it is

    The 2012 EMC Short Films Competition!

    Rules & How it works:

    • Your entry must be entered from the 28th July - 14th August. 15th August late entries ARE permitted, with a reasonable excuse.

    • Your entry must be filmed on one of the Empire SMP servers. It must be based around an event that happened on one specific residence. You may also film some footage in the wild if you'd like.



    • Must have permission from anybody who is in the background. Even tomatoes and cakes, and biscuits.

    • Minimum length is 4 minutes, maximum length is 8 minutes.
    Everybody who signs up, or is featured in a film instantly wins 150 rupees even if you do win first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth!

    Here is the prize money winners are entitled to:

    Sorry, we have not got a clear idea of how many rupees people will win yet.

    Diamond Supporter 'Biscuitboy5396' donates 2000r and 32 Slime.
    Diamond Supporter 'justiceinacan111' donates 350r.
  2. hmmm... i better start getting to work ... to bad my screen flow won't work together with my iMovie D: any suggestions on editing softwares for mac or recording softwares for mac?
  3. quicktime has recording software built in...
  4. how do i use it?
  5. Okay, today is the first day you can start sending in your entries!