Compass, Y U NO WORK? (also easter egg hunt)

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  1. This tread is now dedicated to the treasure hunt :D

    Tresure hunt!
    On a recent mining trip with my friend, he went KIA by lava (then a few hours later the compass went DIA :D) My friend carried so much stuff with him that i had to build a chest to contain the stuff, thing is, theres still some valuabes in the chest, if i remeber correctly on SMP1 go to wildy spawn, south (dont go to outpost) there should be a cobblestone sky bridge with pumkin patch near it. follow this right and head into a snow biome, theres a hidden staircase mine, I believe south is a small cobble wall with "F*** you" written in the ground, the chest inside the mine has a sign with "RIP elite_supa_soldier Enjoy the loot" Please pay your respects and hunt for the treasure :D

    BTW: X marks the spot is sooo cliche :p
  2. Sometimes with the compass you have to disconnect and reconnect for it to work properly..
  3. ah i see
  4. Bump i want people to try to find the treasure!