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  1. I found these websites pretty interesting so I thought I'd share it with the community to see what they think. Basically, these sites compare one country with another. They base it on statistics taken from that country from a number of different 'variables' such as cost of living, crime, health, education etc.. This may be interesting if you decided you wanted to live in another country when your older or whatever. I'll list an example below from

    (Maybe not the best example, may be a bit depressing for Americans......sorry :p)
    Another cool website with more in depth stats is
    NOTE: These website may or may not (probably doesn't) give a real representation of countries. They are only statistics! (As for the US example, it would be more accurate to compare by state than just the whole country)
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  3. Yeah, a lot of them are quite unfair. Particularly on ifitweremyhome. NationMaster has much fairer comparisions IMO.
  4. We are probably looking at national statistics that are partially guesswork. What I see looks generally true in that respect. On the other hand, if you lived here you would understand that there is a huge spectrum of differences in things like income and consumerism. Not everyone understands that. Not even the people who live here.

    Other countries get similar treatment, but I think the US gets pushed into the foreground more often than I care for.

    I and many people I know live pretty frugally, but there are others that more than make up for our habits with wastefulness.

    Comparing our gas usage without considering our geography and historical growth is a good example. Most European countries are the size of one of our states. Our country's infrastructure and many of its cities were developed at a time when travel was being revolutionized by the train, auto, and airplane, whereas most of Europe's were established at a time when most people could not do much better than walk.

    So we are kind of stuck. Without long distance transportation our commerce would stop. You guys would be hurting but could get along much better. Over time I expect we will see more people move toward an urban lifestyle here.
  5. Totally agree. Its very much like that here in the UK, much like most 'normal' developed countries I would have thought. Although the UK 'spectrum' may be very different from the US 'spectrum' it is so large and complex to understand that you wouldn't know unless you live there and even then you probably still don't know the full details. I have very little knowledge on the US, so most of the time I just make assumptions (I know I shouldn't, but everyone does it)
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