[COMPANY] Cole's Building Services! [CJInc]

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  1. As you may know, I am a pretty good builder. I have built 6865 and 2345 on my own, and I love building so much that I am willing to start my own company. The prices of my builds will depend on how large, how much time, who supplies the items, and what type of materials the build will take to complete. If you need anything built, send me a private message and we can discuss what the prices would be.
  2. I would like you to build the best memorial that you can possibly build, I am willing to pay you everything I have and own for said memorial. I'll PM you what it is for, and if you could please build it on 7422, that would be great. ;) This was a joke, we'll do it together.
  3. I am dedicating my second residence to it, and yes we can talk.
  4. This is gonna be interesting :D Let's see who has more customers :D!

    Good luck with your building services, could you show me some of your builds, I'm really interested.
  5. Well, my builds so far are res 6865 and 2345.