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    This company well check if a business is trust worthy such as a new a company could be a bit of a scam but if enough GOOD reviews from users will get them approved so this will help with keeping scams down. The logo would be put into a thread showing instantly that they are trusted.

    List Of Accepted Business':

    Im looking for donations (For my time)

    To apply your business Click Here

    If you have another logo witch you want me too see then upload to Imgur or another hoster and PM Me, then click the tree button!
  2. What??
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  3. ? what can i help with??
  4. No one wants to apply?
  5. Speaking not as a mod, but as a player.

    I think the issue with this is the following.

    If the company has too much risk to be a problem, it won't be allowed in the first place. Just because another group says a random business is ok, doesn't make it appealing to me. It's either risky or not, and unlike similar to the real world, high risk = high chance for loss.

    Also, personally, I think it degrades this idea that you put prostarter on there already. It's a conflict of interest if you are saying what companies are a good investment, and then immediately put yours on there. That particular case would be where you would need to bring in an outside individual to analyse it. In no way am I saying prostarter is a bad idea or isn't legit, but the owner can't be the one who tells you that it is (that's what your company is for).
  6. i put ProStarter on there because i own it and wont scam people
  7. I know that. But look at it from an outsider perspective.

    This business (the thread is about) is going around looking at other businesses to make sure they are legitimate correct? Obviously the owner of the business, no matter what, is going to say that its a great idea and should be invested in, so you've started this idea to combat that and guarantee a 3rd party looks at it.

    With your own business, you've completely gone around the idea you are trying to make. You're still doing the "well prostarter is a good business because I say it is, and also I say it is on this second company I started" approach. You're still missing that third party.
  8. im lost, so what should i do?
  9. You need to have a third party (another person) decided whether prostarter is a legitimate business before you put it on the list of legitimate businesses. Otherwise you're going around the intention of the business idea you created in this post.
  10. ok sure thanks ;) you never come on SMP 4 anymore wasnt that your home server?
  11. Nope, all twelve lots are on SMP2.
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  12. 12!!!
  13. Krysyy has two accounts (both diamond) and I have mine. I'm about to go ahead and get another diamond supporter account.