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  1. This post is to advertise our company and obtain employees

    Who are we?
    We are a company that sells products in bulk. The company was founded by polo002 in early August 2018 on SMP1. The dream is to sell at below market price by using the simple idea of economies of scale. Our objective is to reach productive efficiency.

    What do we do?
    We sell blocks and items in bulk. At the moment, the company is still in the hiring stage and therefore only sells a small range of blocks and items. Our biggest seller is Sand and Oak logs due to our below market price. Our target market is anyone looking for building blocks or products in bulk. Our USP is selling below market price.

    Where do we operate?
    We are operation all over the Empire. Our tree farm is located on Utopia and our store on SMP1 at /v 180. Our products are collected from the wastelands so you don’t have to. Other products are sourced within our many areas across the Empire’s towns.

    Why buy from us?
    We offer below market prices and are committed to bring customers the lowest prices.

    What’s the future?
    The future is bright and simple. One, continue making profits and expand the amount of products sold on our SMP1 store. Two, expand the labour force to achieve long run aggregate supply. Finally, open more stores across the Empire - we have plans to move to SMP8 and SMP4.

    How can I be a part of this? - Employees required. Please read below

    Investor - If you would like to invest in the company, please contact Polo002 by private message.

    Supplier - For supplying information, please contact Polo002 by private message.

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