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  1. TODAY AT 9:00 GMt

    How much wood can a woodchuck cut?

    Two double chests thats how much, today starting at 9:00pm Pthagaard and myself HappyShopper are hosting are second shop supplier competition, for those of you that missed yesterdays comp here are the basics,

    1. Come to 1577, change chat to local (/ch l)
    2. Stand on your chosen Wood type,
    3. I will then place a sign under your chosen wood type with your name on it. Wood types with names on are taken
    4. You wait in till all 4 places are filled.
    5. You will then follow me to 1783 where we will show you where to sell your wood, Only sell to chest marked with redstone torches
    6. Pthagaard will start the race by saying in town chat “How much wood would a wood chuck cut if a wood chuck could cut wood”

    You go to your chosen place to cut wood and then take it to 1783 and sell it to the shop, the first person to fill their double chest wins FIRST prize!!

    The prizes
    First place : 16 Diamonds + Diamond axe enchanted
    Second place : 6 Diamonds + 64 redstone
    Third place : 3 diamonds

    There are also a few rules
    1. Do NOT shout in town when you have finished you must /tell pthagaard so he can verify your chest.
    2. You must not start intill pthagaard starts the race
    3. You must obey all EMC rules while partaking in this race.

    During the event I will be at 1577 talking in local chat and generally helping, after all race participants have finished their double chest we will hold the winners ceremony and give out prizes, winners will also get a picture taken and posted on the forums for all to see your glorious wood cutting skills

    Thanks all and have fun , visit 1577 to enter. ONLY 4 PLACES GOGOGO!!!

    Below are yesterdays winners
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  2. We are paying for the wood too, 64r a stack.
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  3. Update, thanks to a generous donation we now have 32 diamonds as the first prize....
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  4. We now have 2 places left in this comp come to 1577 to enter
  5. Comp is full, will run again tonight