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  1. EMC Skyblock!

    Whats this about?
    Skyblock is a type of game where you live on a floating piece of land with a chest and tree. In the chest contains things such as lava and ice (might be water) and you must build bigger and bigger! Falling = out of comp! But normally thats by yourself this can be with upto teams of 3!


    What If I Cant Watch The Livestream?
    Well the video from the livestream will be on YouTube ready for everyone to watch!

    When is it happening?
    When the arena is built on 9281 SMP4 and when I can get a good livestream etc! More dates coming soon!!

    Skyblock will be happening on the 29th Of August;
    EST 10.00am
    EDT 11.00am
    GMT 3.00pm

    Can I enter?
    Yep! Teams will be at the bottom

    Where though?
    On my res 9281. Were currently looking for builders to help

    But If SMP4 Is Full Or I Cant Get On?
    There will be a livestream going on at the same time!

    Can I Help?
    Yeah! We need:
    Sponsors - Get ad's on the res and in the livestream


    Upto 3 people per team!
    1) marknaaijer (Sorry :p)
    2) princebee
    3) MissMadision910
    4) Daffy22

    1) jameskim885
    2) diamond_viper111
    3) ninga_is_awesome
    4) albinopolarbear1

    1) Terr
    2) Highbuddy
    3) yankees518
    4) AwesomeBuilder33
    1) PRO_G4NGST4
    2) TheEpic5
    3) Qwerty189
    4) Bunda153

    1) xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    2) Nole972
    3) Scipio94

    More teams may come!
    Team Update!
    They can now go to 4 if they reach max of 3!

    These are yet to be chosen, waiting for donations etc!
    Qwerty189 - A Stack Each Of Slimeballs! Visit 1134!
    PThagaard - 10k Per person on the winning team!
    Me - 1k Per Winning Per In Team
    11k In Total!

    5k - Daffy22

    Sponsor/To Sponsor
    Fellyboy Sponsored For His Shopping Mall

    To sponsor just contact me in game or in forums via PM or /tell
  2. Well, let there be Mango!

    Mango for me please xD
  3. I take peach. My favorite out of them 4
  4. Updated OP
  5. Can I be apple? So you will build this on your res?
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  6. You spelled my name wrong, just sayin'
  7. Ooo, Looks fun! Can I have Mango?
  8. May I please go Mango :3 fave fruit, and mark's in mango :p
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  9. I feel awesome, right now :p
  10. Adding soon g2g
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  11. Pear please!
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  12. can I help build it
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  13. I'll be in james's team.
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  14. Can I go in mango too please? :)
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  15. Updated OP
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  16. I'll go Apple Double or Apple
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  17. Mango is a boss team!
  18. I can also be a sponsor
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  19. Pear plox!
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