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  1. Hey guys, I had the idea for a very long time to make a wither skeleton farm, and now I thought: Why not make it public as well?
    So, I went searching for a nethercastle and I found a HUGE nether castle, or at least it are a couple next to each other. The castles are spreaded over 500 blocks, so extending will be easy (although this will be so far that it wouldnt increase the efficiency).
    Also a thank you to Patr1cV for helping me a bit ;)
    It might be hard to see, but the black straight lines are parts of the castle. The red part is what currently is in stage of ''farmable''

    The farm isnt AFKable, but just a modified nethercastle + surroundings. I wont make it AFKable, that would take alot of expensive stuff and time, and increases chance on greifings and repairing will take alot of time.

    Besides that the farm still is in its early stage, the slabbing needs to be sone still, and there are some spots I have to change to make travling easier.

    There isnt a track or railline added to it (yet), you have to walk by foot but it isnt that far ;)
    2015-02-20_13.31.43.png 2015-02-20_13.32.02.png

    What you should bring: Looting III sword and some good armour, I also suggest bringing alot of potions (especially fire resistance)
    -sharp V + strengt II instant kills zombie pigmans, so they wont anger
    Also, set your bed spawn on the overworld, so when you die you can get your stuff back ;)

    Just PM me for coords, not included in this thread to keep track who has access.
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  2. I'd love to get coords! :D
    (Wither Skellies=Wither Skelly Heads = Wither = Nether Star = Beacons and profit :D )
    Also, I can help if necessary :]
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