[Community Showcase] Empire Minecraft Legends

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  1. Recognizing the veterans who helped build our community from the ground up.

    Welcome to the "Empire Minecraft Legends" thread.


    If you feel someone in the community is worthy of being featured on this thread, feel free to fill out the form below and I'll begin the process of determining whether or not they should be. There will be no bias when looking over suggested members.

    -Do not suggest someone without their permission.
    -Do not spam submissions.
    -Anyone may suggest.


    In order to be considered for this you must be on the server for longer than six months. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances. If you feel the person you are submitting or you yourself have done something that contributed to the community feel free to PM me with examples or list links in the form.


    Once you or the person you have submitted have been approved, they will be interviewed for this thread. Everyone who enters this list will have the same exact questions.

  2. First

  3. 2nd :) LEGEND LEGEND
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  6. Thread updated, still a lot to do.
  7. EMC considers veterans to be two plus years old. Six months is still freshly new. If you are going to attach the word veteran to this, you might as well go by the official standard.:p

    No one person can determine whether someone is "worthy." I like the idea, but a more effective route would be to gather up just names now, and then post another thread later with a survey where people are allowed to give their reasoning whether they think certain members are worthy or not. If anything, there should be a panel. There is no community choice when there is a supreme leader.:p
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