[Community Service] Ideas, please! Anything Goes!

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  1. Hi, EMC!
    I've been gone for a while, but I miss doing community projects. Unfortunately, due to my lack of supportership I cannot finish my utopia road (it did go out like, 2k blocks so I did pretty good, especially since it had rails). However, while there is still breath in my lungs and rupees in my bank account I shall continue my work to better the community! However, I am out of ideas. Here is where you come in: Tell me ANY ideas you have as long as they meet these three criteria:
    1. In the WILDERNESS
    2. Helps EVERYONE without doing something direct, like giving free resources or money
    3. Requires no maintenance except for repairing what some, eh, destructive players may have done.

    Don't worry about it being griefed, I can repair what griefers did. So come on, tell me anything that you've ever thought "Hey I wish I had this out here to help me do this....."
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  2. Okay.
    Let's put it like this.
    We ALL need help out in the SMP9 East Wild.
    We seriously need a INDEPENDENT Nether Route,which might actually stop us from fighting over a bit of land.
    So,if you could help build one that isn't connected to the EMC Militia(No offence,Militia,but we sort of do need our own one),that would be appreciated.
    Of course,I will obtain permission from other outpost owners first,we've had enough fighting already...
  3. Hmmmm, sounds like a good challenge..... Tell me more about this idea....
  4. I'll PM you.
  5. aye aye, mate
  6. So, In all servers the wild area around the spawn is really beat up, with holes, griefing and mobs. I had planned to "Keep the Wild Beautiful" on smp5 by having clear walk ways, lighting up paths and Fixing griefed buildings, this is just a simple idea.. Which I can't do due to other planned builds
  7. Yes,I could probably make a few thousand Rupees by offering "Safe Path Tours Around Spawn!".
    I would help...
    (I know I'm not the Thread's creator,but I could still help...)
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  8. Hey, don't worry about it. All help is appreciated. And goreman, that is a good idea. With the surplus of dirt on EMC, it would be easy to make some wooden paths and cover the spawn areas in grass, and make basic light posts and stuff and hey, I can see that being a really good idea. It would be relatively low maintenance because it would be just patching dirt holes to fix. Ill think about that one, as well as Kitten's idea.
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