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  1. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the main throughfares in the SMP 4 wild (bridges, tunnels, paths) are increasingly in disrepair (mostly creeper blasts). A few months ago these would be repaired regularly by players but no longer so. I just took the westerly path out of the main wild spawn and it was awful. I usually take a few stacks of dirt and cobble for such repairs but I was out in a few minutes.

    I think that all regular players need to reinforce the fact that people have put a lot of time, energy and materials in these roads for everyones use and convenience and that if a creeper blows up it is your duty to fix the damages.

    I would be curious to find out if the same situation exists on the other servers.
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  2. I built a nice path/tunnel on smp1 a few months ago and now its in horrible condition though I'm working on repairing it.
  3. This kind of exists in the wild on smp2. The bridges are hard to travel on. The land is blown up, which means that if you fall, it will take damage
  4. Well, not really because even after repairs are done, some players go and mine the cobble that is used for repairs and sell them.
  5. That's why I do the repairs mostly in dirt.
    Last week I saw a player about 10 blocks ahead set off a creeper which made a big hole in a bridge and he kept going.
    I told him to repair it or I would report him for griefing (most likely an empty threat).
    He said he was afraid of other creepers, but I told I had his back until he was done.
    He did the repairs (only had to place 5 blocks).
    Most likely he thinks I'm a real jerk now.