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What's more important?

Lots of Potatoes 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Lots of Wheat 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Lots of Carrots 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. Hey there! So I was coming up with some ideas for what I could do with my 4square of residences and I got the idea. I myself don't like venturing into the wild because well. I die. A lot. I'm like, an expert in dying. But how can I get resources such as trees, cobble, etc, in large supplies without having to completely take over an entire residence with the farms, etc, or spending copious amounts of money just getting what I need? I, of course, have a 4square of residences so I know that's not an issue for me, but then it made me think about people that can't support and don't get all the extra residences. Why not help them as well? So I'm going to be undergoing a huge project and making all four of my residences farms, animal pens, and generators for you, the fellow user!

    I need your help though! I don't know what exactly is the most in demand thing- I know there's places for shearing, etc, but what is it you need most? Is it an entire floor dedicated to carrots? Is it an entire level of potatoes? Or maybe you would die and go to heaven just looking at a pen of fifty Mooshrooms?

    On the same note- what kind of design do you find more FPS friendly, or even more pleasing to the eyes! Is it plain stone brick? Or do you prefer wool?

    Let me know! If your idea makes its way into my plans and designs, I'll put you on the Wall of Thought Contributors!

    *Edit: this is on SMP1, forgot to mention.*
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  2. I can give you one advice from my experience :

    All farms of what you need in Town can be built in one residence, 4 residences are good for really big / efficient crop farms or animal farms (due to 100 entity limit per res).

    I built multi level underground all-crops farm, on top of wich are tree farms. All fits in 1 residence underground. It wasn't a tough job (tho it took me some time), tougher job is to sell all those crops / wood / etc.

    Start small and see what needs to be expanded. Good luck :)
  3. You should build Empire's biggest melon farm. And dominate the melon market
  4. I'd love to see a fried chicken stand that gives cooked chicken, feathers, and eggs. :)
  5. The melon market is currently dominated by new players selling one melon slice for 100 rupees. There is no such thing as a melon market.
  6. The fact that you can say this without fear of assassination is amazing to me. I applaud your courage.

    I personally would love to see a fishing pond with a nearby automatic smelting kind of thing (you toss in your fish, maybe pay a fee, and out pops the cooked fish, though I'm not sure if this is possible), as long as you have all the room. :)
  7. Well, I actually had a long discussion with a few users that thought this would cause the market and economy for certain items such as stone, cobble, and the farming items to drop. There's public cane farms, public stone and cobble generators as well as public shearing. I don't think this will change anything more than it already has. Then again, I never charge more than 20r for anything, even horses, so I think this will be just another opportunity to help people.

    Fish, I will definitely try to have a pond. I will look into that smelting system because that sounds really good!

    Melons-- there will be at least one 60x60 floor dedicated to melon, possibly two, I promise you that.

    I used to have one of those chicken cookers once on another server (it's closed otherwise I'd copy that design.. dang.) Yeah, I will have a floor of those.

    Keep in mind, yes this will be a 122x131 chunk of land in this operation- I am editing the walkways to allow for open floor plans for this endeavour.

    As for brave, I am just wanting to help people. Same as when I had 20r horses right when horses came out, 20r 1/2 stacks of quartz at one time and free hay when I had an entire residence dedicated to it. My first goal is helping people. I don't care if people get upset- they can benefit from this just as much as everyone else!

    Thank you for your ideas, and they will be put into careful consideration!