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  1. So the /promo scare books got me thinking: there should be some sort of EMC library!

    The library would be filled with community creations, and I was thinking that I could put in a tutorial section.

    I was just checking the community opinion before I decide whether or not I will proceed in this adventure.*

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to ask below!


    *Note: If I decide to proceed with this project, I will create a new thread showing progression, etc.
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  2. In my day there was a library.
  3. I don't think anyone saw the thread, but someone had an idea of just posting pictures of all the books instead of trying to have some sort of library.

    OT: This would be a nice idea, but didn't krysyy say the point was to have the community trade the books?
  4. Having a rentable library would have some loan complications, with players keeping books and whatnot. I feel like this is along the idea of banks, but for books :p
  5. Well if this doesn't happen, there are always playerror ones. There is one on smp8 I spawn at lol.
  6. It would be free to access, only thing that would be a barrier is that someone running it would have to be online for others to read.
    These would be the actual books from the promo scare collection, and the community could submit books to be entered into the library
    It would be free to a small charge to read the books, but it is not intended to be a sort of book bank. I plan to have someone be able to supervise the players reading, and then they would deposit the books back into a hopper when they are done.
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  7. I think you might need to find an alternative method to that idea. It sounds like it could present some problems later, considering that there's not much a supervisor can do to stop someone from logging out with a book. You'll definitely want a price for these, but you will also want to know the mechanics of books in the chest shop. Like, could someone rent out a book for 500r, then copy it, and sell back dozens of 500r copies? I'd just make sure there are as few ways that you can be taken advantage of as possible.
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  8. That's the thing about books, only the author can make copies of them.
  9. I was just saying that those are the kind of problems that one should be weary of. Because there are more than just that one :p