[COMMUNITY] Fishing Lake free for all to use!

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  1. I have created a Fishing Lake on my res for everybody to use for free!

    I personally love it and have enjoyed making it!

    Happy Fishing!
    SMP8 16029

    Im amazed that 4 other people were happily fishing away at my res last night so I have extended the Fishing Lake! Its now twice the size as before and more beautiful than ever!

    So if you want great loots and no mobs then be sure to head on over! :)

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  2. Ive expanded the lake yet again! :)
  3. Bumping again, The Lake is super popular, Im really happy its actually being used! Keep on coming over people and enjoy the beautiful surroundings! Happy Fishing!

    Also now I have started to add alot of books to my Enchanted Book shop. Theres something for everyone and reasonably priced! If I dont have something you want then PM me and I will see what I can do! Thankyou Everyone! :)

    smp8 /v 16029
  4. You should sell enchanted poles :p

    I've got a few if interested.. :D
  5. Yeah, I have caught quite a few myself, the only problem I have is they are all not un-used you always catch them with like a tiny bit of the bar gone. Im just not sure how picky people are! lol