Community farms and Ineffectual tutorials.

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  1. Soapbox activated….Stand by for TL, DR…. Late last Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning depending on your gaming addiction ;) I left my home server SMP9 to seek dungeons to raid on SMP2. It was my first time on SMP2 so I dropped into the wastelands with no food and found a community farm just outside of the outpost. I thought this was a wonderful thing. Someone, perhaps several people, had taken the time to build platforms, till soil and plant crops. All that was asked in return was that you take only what you need, and replant what you take. Someone was there at that time, doing just that. I asked if he had built it and received no response. So I took advantage of the farm, harvesting potatoes and carrots. I also killed a few chickens. (After breeding them of course.) I noticed that some of the watermelon vines had been broken so I tilled and re-planted several watermelon, using bonemeal that had been provided in a nearby chest. I left to begin my search with a feeling of community and friendship.

    The next night, I logged in again and was shocked and saddened to see that the farm had been ransacked, with no respect given to the creators request to replant. I did what I could, finding and replanting as many carrots, potatoes and wheat as I could. I bred what few chickens were left, and then went on my way. I just hate that there are people on EMC who don’t understand the meaning of community, or have any respect for the good things that people are trying to do for others.

    Also, Why is it that when someone completes the tutorial, they jump into town and the first question is always. “How do I find a plot?” “Where can I build?” “How do I get a res?” They spam the chat until someone answers. Isn’t this covered in the tutorial they just completed? Why doesn't a Mod just teleport them back to the tut?

    While I'm at it, I also hate that EMC continues asking for people to fill out a survey that only one person in the home can fill out. I spent time filling out this survey only to be told afterward that only one submission was allowed. Further Investigation revealed that my son had already filled it out under his personal username. So my opinion no longer counted.

    Soapbox de-activated. Continue with your normal activities.
  2. We'll never be able to stop everyone from griefing. There are people (terrible people) that find it entertaining to destroy other people's belongings. Report to a staff member and they will try to help catch the guys/gals.

    We have recently updated our tutorial and the info is there. Short of making them take a test to enter, not much else we can do there.

    The survey is IP limited because the results are being used to formulate actions on the Empire by staff such as deciding what contests to have more often etc. In the past, I've received multiple answers that you can tell are all from the same person, but with different random (and sometimes not nice) names used. In order to represent a true data set and remove the opportunity to sway the results, this action had to be taken. The survey announcements are decreasing this friday, then stopping altogether end of January.

    If you would like, you can send me your answers in a pm and I will add them to your son's responses.
  3. Thank you, I may do that. :)