Community Farm - Smp2 - Residence 3512

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  1. Hello all members of the Empire!

    I have completed the community farm on residence 3512 as the title states. The residence consists of public facilities for all to use. It contains the following(all free and public):

    -Sheep shearing, all colors
    -Automatic AFK cactus farm
    -Semi-automatic melon farm
    -Automatic AFK melon farm
    -Semi-automatic pumpkin farm
    -Automatic AFK pumpkin farm
    -Semi-automatic sugar cane farm(sell chests too)
    -Public enchanting
    -Public ender chests
    -Public anvils
    -Public brewing
    -Public smelting
    -Public crafting

    There are a few rules. The first is that there will be no button spamming. If you are caught there will be a straight up permanent ban from the residence. The second is that you do not use the AFK farms for too long at one time. A couple of minutes is fine, 10 hours is not. If you are complained about, I will first give you a warning, and then a temp 3 day ban, and then a permanent ban. 3 strikes you are out. Now the final rule is that if you stumble upon items in the furnaces or brewing stands do not take them for a 24 hour time period. If they remain there after the 24 hours feel free to dispose of them or keep them for yourself. This leads me to say that you should not leave your items unattended for 24 hours, or they will be taken. I give you no guarantee that they might not be stolen, but if you catch someone stealing, take quick screenshots with f2 and start a conversation with me and some of the moderators. The moderators will handle the investigation, I will handle the lost items once confirmed by a moderator that the person was stealing.

    If you have any question, suggestions, comments or concerns feel free to either post on this thread or start a conversation with me. I am open to everything. If you notice any problems with the machines or anything that needs repairs, let me know ASAP. :)

    Long live the Empire,
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  2. Awesome idea! I went and looked at it, I think I will no longer have to buy food for my wild excursions...
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  3. This is awesome! Thanks :D
  4. Haha, glad you liked it. :)
  5. Bump for more to see. :)
  6. ... Figures I find about this 2 minutes after I post my public farm thread...

    Lol whoops.
  7. Lol chain community farms. Nothing wrong with having more disposable resources for the community to make use of. :)
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  8. If anyone needs a specific area maybe expanded please let me know. :)
  9. Hi Ninja, shear flags don't seem to be set true for 3512 as of today.
  10. Very nice farm, strange that i just found this today when oremia bumped it :p
  11. Darn, out of the bag lol. No more piles of sugarcane to be had for myself.
  12. Alright, I'm back and much more active, this farm is still up and running and, as mentioned in earlier posts, if you need expansions to specific farms, let me know. :)
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