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  1. [Quick fire quiz]

    Herro, I am going to be hosting quick fire pub quiz at 1577 this Friday at 21:00 GMT (see the bottom on post for your local time)
    Here are the rules and how it will work.

    ·Please post below if you are going to be attending so I can add your names to my scoring spread sheet.
    ·On arrival at 1577 you must go to local chat (/ch local) anyone who fails to follow this simple rule will be banned from the competition
    ·I will be asking 20 General knowledge Question’s This could be anything from MC to MC – Hammer…
    ·Each round I will say the question you must then /tell me your answer I will record your answer’s in my scoring spread sheet..
    ·I will also be awarding bonus points for the first correct answers each round in the competition Google will not be your friend J
    ·After all of the Questions have been asked I will take 5-10 mins to tally up the score chart.
    ·I will then hold the winners ceremony.


    1st place : 7866 R
    2nd Place: 3666 R
    3rd Place : 2366 R

    D1223m - 5000 R
    Alek09 - 1200 R

    This event is open to all players from all servers.
    If it is a success I will hold more!!!

    As always my friends, Have nice day XD
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  2. Niiice!

    Cant wait to try something this different on emc.
  3. This seems like a fun thing to do - Ill donate 5k when I get on next.
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  4. Thanks d1223m, Shall I put your name down on the form as a player?
  5. I shall try and make it but I cant promise anything just now ( its only Monday! ) Also Im terrible at general knowledge - can I have one on programming? :D
  6. One Question on Programming will be entered.
  7. I'd like to prticipate. I've donated 1200 rupees for prize money. I just have one question: Will this event be at 9:00am or 9:00pm GMT?
  8. I will enter this if it is at 21:00 .. not 09:00 :)
    I wont be awake that early :p.
  9. 21:00 GMT , Good spot.
  10. If you get 10 people to join, smp1 XLStore #1783 will donate Another 5000 rupees.
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  11. Wow, thanks thats mighty kind of you.
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  12. Can this be stickied?
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  13. you mean join the ultimate ranks? It's so ultimate, only 4 none-mods have ever got it *cough cough*! Anyway, it's a good event (run by a good person :)), I'd love to see this stickied! Then again, you don't seem to have much competition to get the top spot. :)

    I'll say on Wednesday if I can play or not, I can't be sure yet.
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  14. "How was called the secret mob that Jeb made but notch din't want to add into MC so it didn't even come as a snapshot?"

  15. Early days, Early days, XD