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  1. Hey guys... Its me. Since EMC has such a supportive community, I thought I'd ask and see if anyone is up to this challenge. This will all go to one of the project(s) I'm managing by myself on my residence or to towns/bases in the wild or waste I have with other people, or it'll help me with future things. If you could get just any part, it would be greatly appreciated. Without further ado, here is the material list:
    16 Redstone Dust
    48 Wood Planks (of any kind)
    64 pieces of cobble
    16 Iron Ingots
    1 Beacon
    2 Snow Blocks
    A LOT of snowballs
    1 Hopper
    A couple stacks of stone or stone bricks
    16 Slime Balls
    34 Blocks of Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Emerald
    Dirt! Lots of dirt!
    A couple stacks of coal or charcoal
    1 or 2 Grass Blocks
    A Silk Touch Diamond Shovel
    Enchanted Books of any kind
    Waffles (just kidding)
    A pumpkin
    Pumpkin Seeds
    Any promos you don't want or need
    Heads of any kind
    FOOD! Lots of food!
    3 stack of cobblestone
    An Ender Chest, if you don't mind
    Some Ender Pearls
    1 Iron Door
    Uhmm....... I think that's it! If you're going to give me anything, comment on what and then drop it off at my res in the donations bin, just a bit in from the inner wall of my res. I'll edit this thread constantly to add or take off things that were donated. Once again, thanks so much to anyone who helps!
  2. I have set you up an access chest at my first res on smp1; on the left when you get there.
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  3. Thanks so much!
  4. I swear there should be a favourite button, only for the best posts :p
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  5. when you get what eviltoade gives you, edit the list and i will get you whatever else you need
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