[Community Brainstorm] Wither Skeleton Farms

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  1. Due to a variety of updates, many wither skeleton farm designs will no longer work in 1.9. Mobs cannot spawn on moving blocks, effectively nullifying this design:

    Also, mobs will not spawn on pressure plates, redstone torches, rails, etc, making these two designs obsolete:

    Also, you apparently cannot rename momenti or ghasts (I'm trying to barter with Aikar about the ghasts, help is appreciated), so you cannot use this design:

    And apparently, 1-tick pulses are (maybe?) broken, and if not, will probably be broken soon (Aikar thing again), so this design won't be around for much longer:

    So, unless I'm missing something, the only wither skeleton farm design that will work on EMC in 1.9 is a modified version to the second design, but with tripwires, which would probably not have very good rates. So, basically what I'm asking, is how could you get nether fortress mobs from a spawning floor (like the one in the last video) to one communal killing area?
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  2. Only crappy solution I see if all you stated above is real, having lava dispensers push mobs down. But I don't get why the wither sweeper (last video) doesn't work ?
  3. Do you have any details around how a block qualifies as a 'moving block'? I'm curious about the change but I didn't find anything through google.
  4. I've built a modified version of it that works on EMC in 1.8. This design worked in 1.9 as well until mojang started the prereleases. Now the farm is useless.
  5. Sadly, lava doesn't push mobs. Aikar has stated that 1-tick pulses are disabled on EMC due to potential block duplication possibilities.
    Looking for where I found that. It may have been something to do with fence gates.
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  6. I have been working on making my own design for a wither skeleton farm in an SP world. If I can get a working 1.9 design that works on EMC, I will share it.

    EDIT: Do you think Aikar would get mad if I pm'd him with some farm designs?

    EDIT #2: This design works in 1.9. Now to see if it works on EMC.
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  7. I just did some testing, and apparently the first design DOES work in 1.9, just not sure about emc.
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  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMlRvVwyAoY the swiper should indeed work according to this video