Community Auction House

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  1. I have been to quite a few auctions now and I have relized that most of them, not all of them, are in the middle of no-where. So I am making a community auction house for SMP-1. Anyone can use it anytime. My res number is 922, if your screen apears black do: /res unstuck .It has been founded by L&N Enterprises-Owner: Yours Truly.
    Thanks, and I give you much gratitude,
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  2. Hey hash think I could help?
  3. lol, yesh
  4. yesh?
    … weird…
  5. Me helpsta?
  6. I dont know Yankee. Probably but yeah probably… although hash may only be letting me help cause I've know him since 4th grade.
  7. Ahem, August 17, whatever year was fourth grade....
  8. Blah blah blah you know what I mean ;)