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  1. Hiya.

    I have two stable vouchers and two spare promo horses (an Incitatus and a Saltar) and I am thinking of selling them.

    1. What is the command that show what you put on a shop sign, and;

    2. Slightly off topic, but what is a good price for each?

    Ta for any answers.
  2. Read The Guide
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  3. No. I mean that I do not know what to put on the bottom line for a specific item. What is the command?
  4. [slot 1], [slot 2]
  5. Ok I will do that
  6. To quote from someone, you go to the bottom-right of their post, and click 'Reply'
  7. The command you are looking for is /iteminfo, but as mentioned above you may need to treat these items differently.