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  1. Hey all, I've been in the empire for a few weeks now and I'm still discovering new things. While watching a video on redstone circuits I learned of the "shift + left click" for moving things to and from inventory and crafting as many of one item that you are working on. any other /commands and shortcuts you can share? Thanks Mark
  2. well if you press the "tab" button it will show a list of all online players in a translucent window. To find out the number of rupees you have instead of doing /rupees just do /r.
    There are lots of other shortcuts but these are probably the ones I use the most
  3. Some of the F-keys are useful. The ones I use most are:

    F1 - Toggles the gui (your inventory bar, hearts and food). Useful for taking screenshots
    F2 - Take a screenshot
    F3 - display debug information (note that this includes your x,y,z coordinates, useful for navigating back to spawn)
    F5 - Change camera view
    F11 - Toggle fullscreen view

    For chatting, you can start a personal conversation with someone by typing "/tell <player>" with no message. Then everything you type will be a private message to that player until you type "/tell" on its own to turn the conversation off again. Note that you can't type in chat when you have a conversation active.

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