Commander4321 Lava killed me in SMP5. I am pachunter98.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by pachunter98, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. He lava killed me, stole all my diamond stuff, and now he's on Euthopia Utopia server. Help.
  2. if you got a screen shot send it to a mod in private conversation.
  3. Sorry, no screen shot, he just popped out of no where, placed lava, and BAM dead.
  4. Euthopia server?
  5. Im new to this stuff buddy!
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  6. Its ok :) There is a lot to learn from Empire Minecraft!
  7. No screenshots = No prooves = Nothing moderators can do :/
    I might start a thread asking for some plugins to be added to the Empire Minecraft Servers, is so weird to have a huge empire of servers with no block log and with no kill log [...]
  8. IKR? I also think we should be able to use the wand tool from World Edit and World Guard to be able to set protections for our stuff (I.E. Nether Wart Farm, Chests...) But anyways, the guy that did it was a complete douch, but he decided to give my stuff back. He said he did it to me, because some one else did it to him.
  9. Well, at least you got your stuff back :)
  10. thats odd that he gave it back, but at least he did
  11. did you take a screenshot of him saying he did it? sure he gave you your stuff back, but killing people is bad. should at least get a short ban or a stern talking to.