command to stop ice???

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by pyro_vampiress, May 13, 2012.

  1. Is there in any way a res command that stops ice from forming on my residence? I just got started with the water stage of my project only to find out that my water keeps on turning to ice. I'm currently attempting a work around for it, but any command I could use instead would be nice.
  2. There is no command right now, since that is controlled by the biome, and isn't like the fire spread command. The only thing that I would say is put glow stone near it do it melts or have a torch or jack I lantern. Then it melts, but if you want a pool or have a pool it would make this impractical since you would need to have a pumpkin every 3 blocks.
  3. Yeah, I actually already have a pool that's been planned out and sanded... *sad* I know it's a biome thing, but I think it's stupid since it doesn't snow in utopia. *big sigh* Try try again...
  4. I could always put glowstone under all of the water, but that's going to cost soooo much money.