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  1. Random idea, might be easy to do based off how much the website is already integrated with emc servers...

    How about a tab or area where people can execute commands that directly work on their res.

    Why? I have a buy sell shop. I glance at the site almost all day and keep an eye on my rupee balance. If i start to see something that i messed up on or something someone found to take advantage of me (hey im onlu human right?) it would be awesome to be able to lock my place down from the website till i get home to fix it.

    Further, to pay someone for auction items. Add remove flags based off updates (i had to use RDC from my iphone to remove use flags on utopia so the few people that had it for shearing couldnt take my sheep, that took forever on my slow att 3G)

    It could have a drop down for which res # or lot #. could be all command AND have an option for drop downs that people could use if they dont know how or understand in-game commands.

  2. This would be great but would Justin take the time to make this :/ remember how long it took to make "Square" I mean It would be the same thing connect to the server to enter the command :/
  3. Thats the thing, with square, i think that half the work if not more is already done.
  4. Yeah But what if there is a bug in it where people could ban other players :p (It could happen)
  5. Well we all can make a list of possible doomsday outcomes with it but im sure justin wouldnt mess that up lol.

    I mean, this is the same guy that programmed the cure for cancer but decided to store it till later because he felt the world wasent ready yet....
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  6. lol xP I carn't find any other problems :)
  7. Also, Has anybody ever considered a website based instant msg system like they have on Facebook
  8. Could work
  9. Justin is plenty smart to not make bugs like that. And, in the 1 in a million chance that that did happen, it would be fixed immediately and the people who took advantage would be banned. Just look at the End portal duplication glitch!
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  10. This idea sounds awesome!
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  11. He would test it completely before release anyways. If he even did it.

    Wonder what @Justinguy even thinks.

    Does that tag thing even work?
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