Command Error.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Roslyn, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Everyday when I log in, I use the /list command to see who's online so I can get a better general idea who to interact with. Now as of 6/18/12 the /list command disconnects me with a String Error and says Input cannot be longer than 18. Internal Error with EMC or Client not receiving correct prompt?
    Thanks for reading and post any work-arounds or help.
  2. Press tab on your keyboard or type /who
  3. The "/list" command works for me when I tried it on SMP2, its probably just a minor bug, have you tried "/who" instead (though they're the same commands)?

    A way to work around this is to hold on to TAB, or the hotkey you set for checking the list of players.
  4. /who works for me so does /chat who
  5. /list DC's me.
    /who shows 0 online.

    and this is just getting annoying :D

    What to do?
  6. PM a mod or admin about the error and use other alternatives. e.g. pressing tab?