Command Blocks

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  1. does EMC use them at all?
  2. It would be a good idea, for example greeting messages as you enter a particular part of a res.
  3. The thread is done lol.
    But alas no, they are a creative only item, and you actually have to be in creative in order to use them.
    That, and it would say those greeting to the whole server.
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  4. that sounds like a good way to use them
  5. You can adjust the radius in which it can be heard.
  6. Okay then, and would you plan on adjusting that?
  7. Then only people within a particular radius of the block will hear it. (r=)
  8. I don't think so, too much room for abuse.
  9. ICC could sell them via shop? Again this is all hypothetical.
  10. Okay, quoting it at you a few times isn't helping.
    You have to be in creative mode and op in order to use them.
  11. Ah I forgot you needed op. :)
  12. Well, considering you could give yourself XP, no.

    Also it is a creative only item, which makes it kind of like bedrock.
  13. or the sponge =)
  14. you can gamemode yourself, spawn anything, give yourself anything, tp to anyone, and just about everything else.

    these are not needed, if you want a greeting for a certain part of a res, im sure it isnt all that much trouble to ask aikar or justin about it.
  15. I believe they could write a plugin that allows you to only use command blocks ina 60x60 radius and only for greeting messages so then they could not be abused

    Edit: 60x60 and under

    Since they aren't craftable you should be able to buy them at a high price at emc stores or moderator stores a a extreme rarity also make them usable on survival
  16. I was just curious, I didn't even know what they were until tonight. Still unsure of what all they do really.
  17. Command Blocks are like a wild Aikar.
    You can tame them and then program them and make then do whatever you want.

    Wait Did I just kinda say mods are slaves? If you think I did I really Didn't. It just came out wrong.
  18. Unless Aikar completely re-coded the command blocks they would never be acceptable... They can do anything an op can and more.