COMING SOON: SMP4 Fire & Ice Shop!!!!!

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  1. I along with my humble acquaintance, Frosty_Penguin are presenting to you a BRAND NEW SHOP!!!! Starting June 8th, if you are in dire need of anything, and I mean anything, all you have to do is come to 9201 on SMP4!!! We are already in the process of stocking items to an extra extent, so we will NEVER, AND I SERIOUSLY MEAN NEVER, go out of stock!!!! If you want to know more details please don't hesitate to visit us! Or if you would like, contact us here on forums!!! Donations are now officially being accepted at 9201 on SMP4, but remember June 8th! See you there future shoppers!!!:D
  2. That is SUCH an awkward name.
  3. Hahahaha, true true I guess if you think that way.
  4. Haha the reason that pops into my head is cause they were going to name the prom theme that last year... that created quite the commotion:p
  5. Did I see that right.... June 8th. That's a long whiles away....
  6. Yeah, June 8th but our backstock is huge right now..
  7. haha, wow that's pretty funny good call on their part for sure!!