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  1. I recently came with the idea of a bulk shop, with really basic items. I plan to build it soon! I have a bunch of the items stocked up already, I just need to gather some more materials. The items I have blocked off are undetermined items, I have a couple random items in there for now but they will be different in the final build. Let me know what you think!

    I plan to open by July 1st since my current schedule is busy.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. 2015-06-12_23.47.20.png

    Current Progress.

    Stocking is all that is left. Also, I need 2 more easy to get bulk items, got any suggestions?

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  4. I have certain things stocked at this time but I want to keep working to have many DC stocked in storage. However, you may come browse and buy if it is in stock.

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  5. I need one more item to add! Hardened clay was added and is fully in stock! :)
  6. I am working on a sellers area to sell certain items. :)