Comic-Con 2012

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  1. Anybody following Comic-Con this year or anybody going? I missed out! Fill me in guys!
  2. You didn't really miss anything. There was a cool trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us and a Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection was announced. Maybe there was some other stuff but I didn't follow it that closely.
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  3. Still missed the community and all the cosplay and just that minor stuff :( but thanks!
  4. I'm going there TOTALLY!

    Can you see this or can you see this
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  5. Color fail XD
  6.'s over :(.
  7. ik i went there!
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  8. I like the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Marvel movie Phase 2. Pumped that Captain America 2 will feature Winter Soldier.

    You can look here for some more exciting stuff that happened.
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